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Devon FA Insurance

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Devon FA insurance scheme

The launch of the Whole Game System and how it changes your insurance administration.

The Whole Game System has been launched for online club affiliation across the Country for all grassroots football clubs. Within the Whole Game System you are required to attach a copy of your personal accident schedule of insurance to step 5 of the process in order to complete the affiliation. We have launched this website to allow you to purchase your insurance cover online and you will be given the document at the end of the checkout that you will need for the Whole Game System.

Handing your insurance administration online.

The first step is you need to get your policy set up using our website:

Adult teams (U19 & above) click here to view the scheme

Youth teams (U18 & below) click here to view the scheme

Then you can select your "Core Package" and then select any additional "Bolt Ons" to upgrade your policy to cover more eventualities.

Do I have to use the new online service?

No, not at all, we don't want you to think that the Sportsguard personal service has disappeared, that is why we will still send you a paper copy of the documentation and your policy by post if you would prefer, however for quick administration and to get the appropriate paperwork for the Whole Game System we suggest you use the new online system, you can still renew over the phone by getting in touch with our Support Team on 01604 644277.