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Our bespoke National Governing Bodies and Leagues schemes are not designed as a one size fits all solution. We customise all of our schemes so they are unique to your sport and for your members.

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We're proud to be serving grassroots sports since 1989

Who are Sportsguard?

We are one of the largest amateur sports insurance brokers in the UK. We have been involved with grassroots sports teams and clubs since 1989. We are proud to be the recommended providers for 18 County Football Associations and many National Governing Bodies and Leagues.

We feel honoured and privileged to be helping support and sustain grassroots sport across the whole of the UK. All of our schemes are designed to protect grassroots teams and clubs and reduce their financial overhead.

We are a family owned and operated business. We are not part of a corporate network of brokers, this means we have more flexibility over how we manage our business and partnerships.

We have saved some clients between 20% and 40% on their insurances for member teams and clubs and we also aim to inject substantial sums into local football in your area.

A message from one of our directors:

“Our passion for promoting, supporting and sustaining grassroots sports is at the top of our agenda. We are proud to be one the most recognised sports brokers in the UK and welcome the chance to work with you to build a future for all of our national sports.”

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