Which insurances do we need?

What are the main insurances my sports team or club may need?

We have listed below the different insurances that may be applicable to your club:

Sports Personal Accident

This insurance is there to offer some financial assistance to your own players if they are injured whilst playing for your team or club. If you wanted to read more, click here.

Sports Public Liability

This insurance is designed to protect you in the event of accusations of third party injury or third party property damage, i.e. someone takes legal action against you. If you are looking to get a quote please click here.

Sports Property & Equipment

This insurance is designed to cover club property, i.e. buildings and contents, similar to how home insurance works for your personal assets. You can submit on online proposal form by clicking here.

Sports Travel

This insurance is designed for teams and club that are going on organised sports tours outside of the UK. If you are looking for a quotation or to buy online, click here.